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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As obedience is a rule of life in a convent, and I would be obeying my superiors as I would Christ, I feel that I would do well to make a rule to follow in my life now to make this a foundation.
As it stands, I have always struggled with procrastination and punctuality. I am going to confession today, and I will ask my confessor if he would kindly order me to be on time to Mass, and to school for all except the most dire of emergencies.
Obedience is not just 'because I said so' when you're in a Religious Order. There is a Superior who stands in the place of Christ - Who was obedient unto death, even to death on a Cross. So it's not just about Love, although that is a great factor. Also, obedience isn't about living as a mindless robot because another programs you to do a certain thing that makes no sense. A superior can see in us the virtues we need most to develop, and if we are made to be obedient in an area that makes no sense to us, it will always be for our souls benefit.